EV Charger Compatible with J177 - Livitsmart
EV Charger Compatible with J177 - Livitsmart
EV Charger Compatible with J177 - Livitsmart
EV Charger Compatible with J177 - Livitsmart

EV Charger Compatible with J177

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Product Description


Introducing our EV Charger Compatible with J1772, a reliable and efficient solution for charging your electric vehicle. With its compatibility with NEMA 5-15P and NEMA 6-20 outlets, fast charging capability, high-quality construction, and safety features, this charger offers convenience and peace of mind for electric vehicle owners.

  • NEMA 5-15P Charger: Our EV charger is capable of boosting 110V (Level 1) up to 16A, providing access to Level 1 charging. This allows you to charge your electric vehicle using a standard household outlet. Level 1 charging is suitable for overnight charging and is ideal for regular daily commutes or low-mileage needs.

  • NEMA 6-20 Charger: With NEMA 6-20 compatibility, our charger can boost 240V (Level 2) up to 16A, offering a rapid charging rate of 3.86kw/hour. This equates to approximately 11 miles per hour of charge, providing faster charging compared to your car's original charger. Level 2 charging is perfect for those who require quicker charging times.

  • Fast Charging: Our charger is designed to make EV charging quick and effortless. It utilizes the standard J1772 charging protocol, making it compatible with all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Whether you have a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, or any other electric vehicle, this charging cable will meet your charging needs.

  • High Quality: We prioritize quality and safety. Our charging station is rugged and robust, built to withstand daily use. It is equipped with overvoltage, overheat, and overcurrent protection to safeguard your electric vehicle and ensure safe charging. The indicating light on the charging station helps to display the various stages of charging and alerts you to possible errors.

Upgrade your electric vehicle charging experience with our EV Charger Compatible with J1772. Whether you need Level 1 or Level 2 charging, this charger provides convenience and efficiency. With its high-quality construction, compatibility with J1772 protocol and built-in safety features, you can enjoy worry-free charging for your electric vehicle. Choose our charger for a reliable and hassle-free charging solution at home.

Product Details

Material: Shell: Plastic, Wire: Copper core wire

Package Includes

1 x EV Charger Compatible with J177
1 x charger host
1 x charging cable(16.4ft)
1 x Manual
1 x tool kit