EV Charging Station - Livitsmart
EV Charging Station - Livitsmart
EV Charging Station - Livitsmart

EV Charging Station

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Product Description


Introducing our EV Charging Station, designed to provide reliable and efficient charging for all EV car models. Here are the key specifications and features:

  • Voltage: The EV Charging Station supports a wide voltage range of 110-220V, making it compatible with various electrical systems and ensuring reliable charging for your electric vehicle.

  • Power: With a power output of 7KW, this charging station delivers efficient charging performance, allowing you to recharge your EV quickly and conveniently.

  • Operating Temperature: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the EV Charging Station operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +55°C, ensuring optimal performance in various weather conditions.

  • Robust Construction: The charging station features a galvanized steel body and a tempered glass panel, providing durability and resistance to harsh environmental elements. This ensures long-lasting performance and protection against wear and tear.

  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): With an MTBF rating of 8760 hours, this charging station is designed to be highly reliable and minimize downtime, ensuring that it is available for use whenever you need to charge your EV.

  • Installation Method: The EV Charging Station can be easily installed either on a wall or as a standalone unit. This flexibility allows you to choose the installation method that best suits your needs and space requirements.

  • IP Rating: With an IP65 rating, the charging station is dustproof and waterproof, providing reliable performance even in challenging outdoor environments.

  • Height: The charging station has a height of 240mm, offering a compact and space-saving design that can be easily integrated into your charging infrastructure.

  • Cable Length: The included cable has a length of 8.5 meters, providing ample reach to connect your EV to the charging station without any inconvenience.

  • Universal Compatibility: This EV Charging Station is designed to be compatible with all EV car models, ensuring that you can charge your electric vehicle regardless of the make or model.

With our EV Charging Station, you can enjoy convenient and efficient charging for your electric vehicle. Its robust construction, wide compatibility, and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial charging needs.

Product Details

Material: Galvanized steel body, Tempered glass panel
Cable Length: 8.5m

Package Includes

1 x EV Charging Station