Portable EVSE Charging Box - Livitsmart
Portable EVSE Charging Box - Livitsmart
Portable EVSE Charging Box - Livitsmart
Portable EVSE Charging Box - Livitsmart
Portable EVSE Charging Box - Livitsmart
Portable EVSE Charging Box - Livitsmart

Portable EVSE Charging Box

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Product Description


Introducing our Portable EVSE Charging Box, a convenient and intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs). Designed with convenience, security, and speed in mind, this charging box offers a reliable and efficient charging experience wherever you go.

  • Convenient Portability: Our Portable EVSE Charging Box is designed to be carried with your car, allowing you to charge your EV on the go. Whether you're traveling or away from home, you can easily access charging without worrying about finding a charging station. The charger's LCD screen provides detailed charging data, keeping you informed about the charging process.

  • Enhanced Security: The charging box is made of high-strength ABS material, providing protection against crushing and ensuring the safety of the charger. It incorporates six major safety protection measures to ensure stable and safe charging. You can charge your EV with peace of mind, knowing that safety is a top priority.

  • Intelligent Charging: With its intelligent features, the Portable EVSE Charging Box simplifies the charging process. Simply insert the plug into your EV's inlet, and the charger will automatically detect the connection status and handshaking protocol, starting the charging process. It can also repair minor charging problems while charging, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted charging experience. The lights on the charger will indicate different problems, allowing you to easily monitor the charging status.

  • High Charging Speed: Our EV Chargers provide a high charging speed, delivering up to six times faster charging compared to other EV chargers. This means you can spend less time waiting for your EV to charge and more time enjoying the road. Our chargers are compatible with most electric cars that meet the SAE J1772 standard, ensuring compatibility and optimal charging performance.

Experience the convenience, security, and speed of our Portable EVSE Charging Box. With its portable design, intelligent features, and fast charging capabilities, you can enjoy hassle-free charging for your electric vehicle wherever you go. Upgrade your charging experience with our reliable and efficient charging box.

Product Details

Length: 25ft
Power: 220-240V

Package Includes

1 x Portable EVSE Charging Box
1 x User Manual