Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Livitsmart
Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Livitsmart
Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Livitsmart
Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Livitsmart

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description


Introducing our Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a powerful and efficient cleaning solution for your home. Here are the key features of our vacuum cleaner:

  • All-Terrain Cleaning: Our vacuum cleaner is designed to tackle all floor surfaces, including carpets. The optimized carpet brush combines rubber blades and bristle brushes to deep clean carpets, ensuring thorough cleaning.

  • Optimized Navigation: The vacuum cleaner features advanced navigation technology that systematically navigates your home's floor surfaces. It creates the perfect cleaning path to ensure every corner of your home is covered.

  • Extended Runtime: With a runtime of up to 110 minutes, our vacuum cleaner can clean for longer periods without needing a recharge. It also includes auto return and charging, ensuring that the robot is always ready for the next cleaning session.

  • Max Mode Power: When extra suction power is needed, our vacuum cleaner offers a Max Mode that increases the suction power by up to 2X. This mode effectively cleans stubborn dirt and debris from different surfaces.

  • Smart NAVI 2.0: Our vacuum cleaner is equipped with Smart NAVI 2.0 technology, which enhances its navigation capabilities. It efficiently maps your home and creates a systematic cleaning path, optimizing cleaning efficiency.

  • Complete Cleaning Kit: The vacuum cleaner comes with a charging dock, four dual-length side brushes for a thorough cleaning, a high-efficiency air filter to capture fine particles and a cleaning tool for easy maintenance. Additionally, our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It offers all-terrain cleaning capabilities, extended runtime, optimized navigation, max mode power, Smart NAVI 2.0 technology, and a complete cleaning kit. Let our vacuum cleaner take care of your cleaning needs while you enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable home.

Product Details

Power (W): 500-999W
Voltage (V): 220V

Package Includes

1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner