Solar Panel Power Station - Livitsmart
Solar Panel Power Station - Livitsmart
Solar Panel Power Station - Livitsmart

Solar Panel Power Station

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Product Description


Introducing our Solar Panel Power Station, a portable and efficient charging solution that harnesses the power of the sun to provide clean and renewable energy for your devices. With USB output ports and a DC output port, this solar panel is versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices.

  • USB Output Ports: The solar panel is equipped with USB output ports, allowing you to charge various USB-powered devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, tablets, action cameras, wireless headphones, DSLR cameras, mp3 players, GPS devices, and more. Stay connected and powered up wherever you are.

  • DC Output Port: The solar panel also features a DC output port, enabling you to charge 12V-18V DC-powered devices. This includes portable power stations, solar generators, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, radios, and other devices that require DC power. Enjoy the flexibility of charging a wide range of devices with one solar panel.

  • High Efficiency: Our Solar Panel Power Station utilizes advanced solar cell technology to convert up to 23% of solar power into free energy. This high-efficiency conversion rate ensures that you generate more energy and achieve better performance, even in hot weather conditions. Maximize your solar power potential and make the most of the sun's energy.

  • Portable, Foldable, Compact, and Lightweight: Designed for convenience and ease of use, this solar panel is portable, foldable, compact, and lightweight. It can be easily transported, hung, and removed wherever you go, whether it's camping, hiking, or engaging in any other outdoor activities. Enjoy the freedom of solar charging on the go.

Experience the benefits of our Solar Panel Power Station. With its USB and DC output ports, high efficiency, and portable design, you can harness the power of the sun to charge your devices and stay connected wherever your adventures take you. Embrace clean and renewable energy with our versatile and reliable solar panel.

Product Details

Material: Monocrystalline Silicon 

Package Includes

1 x Solar Panel Power Station
1 x DC Cable 5.5x2.1mm
1 x 8mm Connector
1 x 5.5x2.5mm Connector
1 x 3.5x1.35mm Connector
1 x 6.3x3.0mm Connector